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  • Deterix Limited: Website Terms & Conditions


    1. These Website Terms and Conditions are for the use of this website provided by Deterix Limited (Registered in England and Wales no. 09956587) whose offices are at No.1 Royal Exchange London EC3V 3DG.

    2. If you wish to contact Deterix Limited regarding this website, please email the CTO, David Copper, at

    3. In these Website Terms and Conditions "us" or "we" means Deterix Limited.

    4. By using this website you are acknowledging that you understand these Website Terms and Conditions and that you consent to them. We reserve the right to amend these Website Terms and Conditions from time to time and such changes shall have effect from the date of online publication.

    5. The legal notices comprising these Website Terms and Conditions are to be governed and interpreted in accordance with English Law and any claim or dispute arising between us and users of this website shall be governed by English Law and subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.


    6. This website contains general information including, from time to time, in relation to legal services and legal issues. The information is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as legal advice. We endeavor to keep the information on this website correct and up to date but we cannot accept any responsibility for mistakes or omissions. To the maximum extent allowable by law we do not accept any responsibility for damage or loss howsoever arising from use of or inability to use this website, or from any information or omission in this website.

    7. You may not produce a link to this website without our prior written consent. Such consent, if granted, may be subject to such terms as we deem appropriate.

    8. We reserve the right to take action to prevent linking to this website from another website or document.

    9. This website may from time to time publish links to third party websites. Publication of these links does not indicate our approval as to the third party website or content contained on it and we accept no responsibility for third party websites or any content contained on them.


    10. Save as for where we state to the contrary, we own the copyright and other intellectual property rights in this website and in the content published on this website. Reproduction and distribution of this website or any part of this website is prohibited unless permissible by law or under the terms of the following license.

    11. You may copy and distribute content from this website for your own personal use or for the personal use of a third party provided always that:
    (1) The copyright and other intellectual property rights in the content belong to us and not a third party.
    (2) You have our prior written consent.
    (3) You do not charge any third party for copying and distributing the content.
    (4) You distribute the relevant content in its complete form and do not interfere with the content or any copyright notices contained in it.
    (5) You identify this website as the source of the content and provide the full address of this website.
    (6) You secure that any third party supplied with the content is aware of and consents to the terms of this license and to these Website Terms and Conditions.


    Information Collected

    12. Our website does not use cookies to collect anonymous data from our website visitors.

    13. The personally identifiable information that we collect from you through our website is therefore provided voluntarily by you through your use of this website. This information may include but is not limited to your name, email address, postal address.

    14. We collect your personal information in the following ways:
    (1) Through your submitting information to us through our recruitment page.
    (2) Through your subscriptions to our newsletter.
    (3) Through your registering interest in our events.

    Uses of Personal Information

    15. The personal information that we collect from you through our website will be used as follows.
    (1) To provide and perform the services you have requested.
    (2) To improve the website service and to improve our other services.
    (3) To provide you with information on services, events and publications which we believe may be of interest to you, if you have indicated that you consent to being provided with this information.
    (4) To assist us in complying with legal and regulatory obligations.
    (5) For internal administrative purposes.

    Data Retention

    16. We will only retain personal information collected through our website for as long as is necessary to comply with the above uses of personal information.

    Distribution of Information

    17. Save as indicated below, we shall not disclose any of the personal information collected through our website to any unrelated third party without your prior consent.

    18. We may pass your information on to an unrelated third party without your consent where:
    (1) We are required to do so by law.
    (2) We do so in attempting to detect or prevent an actual or potential fraud.
    (3) We do so in investigating an actual or potential fraud.
    (4) We are required to do so in compliance with our professional and regulatory obligations.
    (5) We are requested to do so by a law enforcement agency in relation to an alleged criminal offence.
    (6) We employ third party services providers to assist us. In these circumstances we will ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that they have implemented safeguards to protect your personal information and that they will accept responsibility for their use of your personal information.
    (7) Information is necessarily transferred to unrelated third parties through transit. In these circumstances we shall endeavor to see that your information is secure.
    (8) We merge with, are acquired by or otherwise succeeded by another entity.
    (9) We pass the information in an aggregate form by which you will not be individually identifiable.

    Access to Personal Information

    19. We are a registered Data Controller (our Data Controller number is ZT903213). You are entitled to request details of personal information that we hold about you in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 to and to update the personal information we hold about you. We have in place procedural and digital measures to prevent loss of, interference with or unauthorised third party access to your personal information. However, the internet is not a secure environment and we are not able to guarantee security of any information that we receive from you.